Gap BGP not only makes hot dInternet users, but also Internet Service Provider companies, even the router manufacturer nor felt fear.
A pair of Internet security RESEARCHERS have demonstrated a new technique that can infiltrate the Internet kelalu liintas-diamseperti silent as America U.S. intelligence agencies, the National Security Agency. New techniques that take advantage of routing protocol BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), making the hacker way of monitoring the Internet traffic that is not protected where this virtual world, and even modify if Internet traffic before it reaches the destination.
Is Domonstrasi last attack since security weaknesses in several core Internet protocols. -Protocol protocol was developed on a large scale in the 1970s with the assumption bahwasetiap node on the network can be trusted.

The world has been reminded as to when a researcher Juli2008 Internet security, which reveals Dankamisnky pa dangerous gap control system. The security researchers believe that the demonstration of safety is a major weakness in the Internet. According Peater "Mudge" Zatko, a computer expert and former L0pht hacking experts, who berasaksi on tahun1998 congress that he could cripple the Internet network in just 30 minutes by using an attack similar to BGP, and Zatko also secretly told the U.S. government agency how BGP can be used for wiretapping.
Anyone with a BGP router can disrupt data traffic to IP kealamat. The assault only interfere with the data traffic to the address data to be attacked. The method of attack using BGP can be used to perussahaan spy, a spy state, or even intelligence agents who search the Internet data without the need to work together with the ISP. With use traditional BGP eavesdropping has long been a theoretical weakness, but no one did demonstrsi until Anton "Tony" Kapela Director of Data Center and Data Networks in 5Nines, Alex Pilosof, CEO Pilosof, showed their technique at the hacker conference, DEFCON.
The pair of security researchers are successfully hijacked Internet traffic on the network and switch kesebuah conference system in the city of New York before Me-routing back to the DEFCON in Las Vegas. These techniques, do not take advantage of gaps in BGP, but only with how BGP works. Kapela told that the technique BGP no gaps, no protocol errors and no errors in the software.

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